Tax Compliance Services
Tax Compliance Services

Run a smarter race this year with CorpSource.

The new tax season is underway, and you've hit the ground running. But what about all the big changes you were going to make this year?

Enter CorpSource. No matter where you are in your tax season, we can provide advice and implement change that will increase productivity, simplify systems and - ultimately - help you recognize significant tax savings. Leverage our global accounting firm knowledge and real-world Fortune 500 experience in corporate tax, legal and finance departments to your benefit.

There's no time like the present.

Here are a few things we help our clients with both during and after the tax season:


  • Training/refreshers for tax staff
  • Cheat sheets for:
    • - State-specific issues
    • - Manual entries
    • - Certain calculations
  • Federal returns
  • Proforma for each entity
  • State returns
  • Unitary proforma


  • Lock down files in tax software
  • Lock down files on Local and LAN drives
  • Inventory and archive tax file folders
  • Set up next set of tax file folders
  • Update tax calendar
  • Respond to notices
  • Reporting

Don't run the same old race. Get off to a better start with CorpSource. We're ready right now.