Tax Compliance Services
Tax Compliance Services

What are you doing with the month of Octember?

Wouldn't it be great if you had an entire month between the end of this tax season and the beginning of the next? Time to implement new procedures, fix last year's problems, and develop better ways to do your job?

Unfortunately, Octember doesn't exist. And before you know it, you're in the middle of the next tax season doing the same things the same way.

Enter CorpSource. We'll show you how to maximize your tax opportunities and systems - so you actually end up saving money. Optimize your tax department and add value to your organization, with our expert advice and outsourcing solutions. Our global accounting firm knowledge and real-world Fortune 500 experience in corporate tax, legal and finance departments translate to a better way of doing business - right away.

Here are just a few items that we're helping our clients with as the tax season gets under way:

  • Training/refreshers for tax staff
  • Cheat sheets for:
    • State-specific issues
    • Manual entries
    • Certain calculations
  • Federal returns
  • Proforma for each entity
  • State returns
  • Unitary proforma

You don't have an extra month, but you do have extra help. CorpSource is ready right now.