Business License Outsourcing
Business License Outsourcing

Business License Outsourcing

Few tasks are more mundane and less glamorous than filing and renewing business licenses. Yet few tasks are more critical to the success of your business. Without a properly filed license, operations are shut down, customer needs go unmet and your reputation takes a hit.

CorpSource can ensure your compliance and relieve the burden of this vital task with expert Business License Outsourcing. We will research, prepare, track and archive all international, federal, state, county and municipal/jurisdictional business licenses. Consider it done with CorpSource.

Benefits of CorpSource Business License Outsourcing:

  • peace of mind with consistent compliance
  • a partner with comprehensive understanding of your specific license needs
  • the ideal solution for companies with multiple locations, in multiple states or with complex licensing issues
  • the administrative processes necessary to establish and maintain compliance
  • the registration and reporting requirements to satisfy audits

Business License Outsourcing services include:

  • identification of legal and licensing filing requirements
  • sourcing, completing and submitting licenses
  • timeline and process management
  • preparation of annual reports
  • incorporation and formation
  • registration and qualification
  • withdrawals and dissolutions
  • certificates of good standing
  • reinstatements of revocations

Technology solutions provide:

  • development, organization and maintenance of a legal entity database
  • database system, wizards, reports, reminders and document creation tools
  • automation of payables
  • filing online and funding with EFT when possible
  • management of workflow and renewals