Tax Compliance Services
Tax Compliance Services

Make the most of every minute with CorpSource.

You just closed the books on last tax season, and this one is already in full swing. But before you go too far, there's still time to implement your great ideas from last year. Remember the systems you wanted to fix? The operational changes you wanted to make? All the little things to streamline processes?

Enter CorpSource. Our expert advice and outsourcing solutions can improve the way you do business. We have global accounting firm knowledge and real-world Fortune 500 experience that can get you going in the right direction - right now.

Here are just a few items we help our clients with as they plan for the next tax season:

  • Tax packages
  • Apportionment summary
  • Partnership flow-through apportionment
  • Nexus study
  • Filing requirements review
  • Filing positions and sourcing issues
  • Roll prior year's tax data
  • Import current year's tax data
  • Update structures in tax software
  • Update Tax calendar
  • Uniform naming conventions for files
  • Entity Warehouse - changes/modifications

There's still time to improve your tax department for this year. And CorpSource can help right now.